Melkonian Alumni and Friends

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If you have any memorabilia from Melkonian that you want to share, we would love to show it here.
Please email your submissions to together with a picture and a description and we will post it with your name.

Here is a picture of a Melkonian plate I found. I had to take a picture and put it on the site.
It belongs to Vasken Saghbazarian.

I found this on the web on and had to put it here.
 This must be the letterhead that the brothers Melkonian used in their tobacco company. The logo on the top left is the logo that the school used, or at list it looked like it. I am looking for a picture of an old notebook to compare it to.

A very old picture from the AGBU archives showing the Melkonian Educational Institute in the middle of nowhere, far away from houses and streets, a few miles from  Nicosia, the Capital of Cyprus.
Presently all the surrounding orchards and land is build up with houses, businesses, highways and streets. The school is currently in the middle of the capital. A big portion of the old Estate was sold in 1980 by the AGBU to build a business office building for generating income for the school.

Another very old cigarette box or cigarette paper box from The K&G Melkonian Brothers company.
Melkonian students in carpenter and mechanic classrooms. Found by Albert Davoudi. Copied from his facebook photo album.