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2009-2010 Alumni Scholarships

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2009-2010 Alumni Scholarships
The AGBU Melkonian Alumni Endowment Fund was established  around thirty years ago , the major contributors were  the following Melkoniantsis:
Zaven Berberian                                    $85,045
Dr. & Mrs. Daniel H. Abdulian $28,000
Dr. & Mrs. Artin Kokshanian  $11,500
Balikian Memorial, Asdghig Nasibian $25,000
Dikranouhi Maronian Memorial    $44,500
Hagop Maxian $26,000
Noubar and Dikranouhi Mkhsi-Kevorkian $10,000
AGBU  Melkonian Alumni $112,660

Total Amount 

California Melkonian Alumni is granting scholarships  from the income of the principle amount to all Melkoniantsis who are continuing their higher educations in  Universities, at any  country in the world. We will encourage all Melkoniantsis who are continuing their education to apply for scholarships  by e-mailing directly at for further information.
You can also f
ollow the instructions:
The application forms are available on AGBU website at  Once one accesses AGBU website, they should choose 'Programs' - 'Education' - 'Scholarship Program' -  and considering their location of study pick the category 'US-based Study' or 'International-based Study'.  Once the relevant webpage loads, there are a number of categories - 'Eligibility Requirements', New Applicants', Renewal Applicants', etc. Each student, corresponding to their case, should download the appropriate forms and send  them  DIRECTLY TO AGBU NEW YORK OFFICE, SCHOLARSHIP DEPT. to the attention of Mr. Artoun Hamalian, Director of Educ. Dept, via Natalie Gabrielian, AGBU Scholarship Dept.,copies should be sent to Zaven Berberian, Chairman of  Cal. Melkonian Alumni at and  Zohrab Shamassians at (do not submit the application to  AGBU regional branches, this is special case).
If you may have any question, please  contact with Zohrab Shamassian or Zaven Berberian.

Last year, 2008-2009 scholastic period, we have granted about 8 Melkoniantsi scholarship grants of $1500.00 each,to the following students; Vruyr Gabrielian, Serko Katsikian,Onik Kazarian,Tania Lucy Kazarian, Gasia Majarian, Armen Urneshlian, Armen Menetian,  Yelena Osipova, Evangelos  Apostolides