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September 09, 2009
Please go to and read the translation of Edmond Azadian's article in the Armenian Mirror-Spectator, where Azadian is writing, that Patriarch Moutafian, "to ingratiate" (i.e. to please) the Turks, sued the AGBU. We all know, that it is a BIG LIE, and a misleading statement
I personally commented to the article all in AZG, the Armenian Mirror-Spectator and Armtown (this a news digest site). Please do the same. Azadian KNOWS the truth very well, he is deliberately misleading the readers. We should prove that "we are not tired" and aware of everything going around. AGBU doesn't need Azadian's "artchi dzarayoutyoun".
You can read the article in Armtown and Armenian Mirror-Spectator. Google search for their addresses. In AZG and Armtown, the article is in Armenian and in today's issue, but in A. M-Spectator (the original article in english) search using "Mutafian" as the keyword.
Melkoniantsiayagan voghtchouynner
August 17, 2009
I watched the 4 video clips and wish to express my admiration for your excellent answers to questions posed during this interview.  I particularly liked your response explaining that more recent graduates from M.E.I. cannot possibly serve the nation immediately as they ought first to continue their education to become university graduates, to get married to have a family, and only then they could get involved in Armenian affairs like ourselves!As a matter of fact, both you, Zohrab Shamassian and Raffi Zinzanian are doing a wonderful job for the re-opening of M.E.I. which should be realized despite AGBU's deplorable attitude.

August 07, 2009
As a Proud Armenian I appreciate your dedication, passion and perseverance for such a great cause!
You enlighten the Armenian Spirit in us - We are happy to say that we will be enrolling Michael at Chamlian School this year to enrich his Armenian spirit and Culture.
Keep up the good work.